Monday, June 6, 2011

Starseed Souls

     Starseeds originate from other star systems and choose to incarnate in human form with the purpose of raising the vibrational frequency of earth and humanity.  A starseed will experience an awakening at sometime in their human life. 
     The typical starseed may have lived up to 50 lifetimes on earth.  They usually retain some of their extra-terrestial qualities such as telepathy, channeling, and healing abilities.  They work in healing fields and are of great service to assisting in the spiritual evolution of the human race. 
     Starseeds that are considered old souls, have had hundreds of lifetimes as far back as the beginning of life on the planet.  These souls are considered the guardians.  They hold the wisdom and spiritual truths of the ancient ones.  
     New starseeds have had very few incarnations, some it is their first.  Their energy fields are different in that they are more sensitive and have a hard time adapting to life on earth.  These souls are very creative and the traditional type schools do not work for them. Their role is to participate in the process of ascension. 
     All starseeds have the same ultimate goal or purpose. That is to assist humanity and to protect the Earth. They will have special gifts to share in areas of healing and spiritual growth and education. Starseeds have a hard time fitting in. They don't belong to any group, culture, or religion.  
     Qualities that all starseeds possess is the ability to speed through spiritual evolution and growth and to recognize where they have come from.  They are highly artistic and spiritually awake.  They will have many dreams or memories of being on other planets, in space or UFO encounters.  They are usually gifted psychics, mediums and channels.  Most of them remain humble and quiet in their efforts to do their work without opposition.