Sunday, May 10, 2015

Does our basic personality remain throughout every lifetime?

The personality can change depending on the parents you chose.  In most cases it normally remains very similar as the soul usually looks for parents that will have a compatible DNA encoding.  It can also be determined by the life lessons that the soul is working on.  The wisdom gained is always carried with the soul and remains constant.  Whether the soul awakens to it so it can be accessed all depends on the personality and events in their life.  The personality can be determined by the wisdom gained as well as the DNA.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do Angels Exist?

I think at one time or another we have all asked this question.  In my experiences, yes they do exist.  They do not come with wings as depicted in hollywood movies.  Not all angels are unseen.  There are people that sometimes angels work through to get a message to another person or help another one in need.  This is a more direct way in which they may serve you.  

Other times they work in silence but their work is nothing short of miraculous.  There are countless stories of people who should have been dead because of an accident they were involved in but somehow walked away with very little injuries.  Most just say, "they were lucky". It's much more than luck.  There were unseen forces at work that made this happen.

How many times did you "almost" hit that car, or a car "almost" hit you???  The "almost" didn't happen because there was a guardian angel by your side at that moment.  These acts of mercy happen over and over again but yet they go unnoticed.

It can even be a simple reminder because maybe you were wallowing in self pity and misery and then someone crosses your path in worse condition or state of mind than you.  This a gentle reminder of their presence and to give thanks for all of your blessings.

Pay attention to all the ways you are being guided and protected on a daily basis.  It is easy for the logical mind to disregard it.  Trust what you know in your heart to be true.

Guardian angels can be loved one that have crossed over, angelic beings, ancestors, friends or any spirit that is on the other side and is assigned to this role.

Chakra Centers

Chakra refers to energy centers.  It is a Sanskrit word which means vortex or wheel.  There are seven major chakra centers.  These energy centers regulate the flow of energy or “ki” in Japanese and “chi” in Chinese throughout our body.  How well the chakra centers function depends on our emotional state of being.  In other words, the chakra centers reflect the way we view and experience the world around us. It stores emotional hurt, pain, and thoughts that can limit or expand the soul’s experience. 

The chakra centers are not of physical nature.  They exist on an energetic level similar to our aura.  The chakras are aspects of our consciousness and contain emotional patterns of this life and the past life.  They are more dense than the aura but not as dense as the physical body. 

The endocrine and nervous systems are  directly connected to the chakra system.  Each major chakra center is associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and group of nerves known as plexus. 

What you perceive and experience relates to one of the seven chakra centers depending on what the experience is.  For example:  tension or stress in the body is determined by the emotional response or reaction to a situation.  The emotional response is recorded in the corresponding chakra center. The tension is detected by the nerves of the plexus and then transmitted to that part of the body the plexus controls. If the tensional pattern is continued, physical symptoms are manifested. 

The symptom speaks to the physical body in a way that the consciousness can hear.  This allows the individual to become a participant in their healing and see the thought or emotional energy that created the symptom.  A good example is chronic lower back pain. Many times this represents a situation or thought that limits the individual from walking away or changing a current situation.  When the individual responds and acts on the message the symptom is sending, release of the symptom occurs.  The physical body can then begin to heal the symptom according to what a person believes is possible. 

Understanding the chakras allows us to participate in our healing and develop a relationship between our physical bodies and our consciousness. This offers a better understanding of our self, our purpose and of those whom we share our lives.  A life filled with peace, harmony and love is the result.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Other Side

I am often asked what I see when I communicate with spirits on the other side.  Most of the time during a session the spirits appear as shapes.  I will see groups of them standing together as if waiting for a turn to speak.

I will not see their faces but I can tell whether they are male or female from their shape and their energy.  Eventually one of them will step out of the group to be the spokesperson for the rest if they are all related.  The one that steps out will be more defined.  I will often be able to describe their face and clothes. Other times I know who they are because of the way they project their energy to me.

When a soul first crosses over they go to an isolated room that is like a classroom.  During this stay in the classroom they are not allowed visitors.  Their family members and other ancestors wait for them to be released from the classroom.  Depending on how quickly the make the adjustment determines how soon they can join their soul family.

The classroom is designed to help the soul transition from having body to not having one.  This can be difficult for many, especially those who passed away unexpectedly.  There are usually one or more angels or guides that assist while the soul is in school.

There is a dimension between here and the other side which a soul must cross through before getting to the classroom.  In this dimension are lost souls, earthbound spirits and other entities that are attracted to this world.   When a soul has left behind unfinished business or do not want to let go of their earth life, they sometimes can get stuck in this dimension.

It is not a good place for a soul to be.  I have encountered many whom needed help getting out of there.  Once the soul makes it through this dimension and into  the classroom chances for success are almost guaranteed.  The normal duration of stay in the classroom can be as short as 3 days or as long as 3 months.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Starseed Souls

     Starseeds originate from other star systems and choose to incarnate in human form with the purpose of raising the vibrational frequency of earth and humanity.  A starseed will experience an awakening at sometime in their human life. 
     The typical starseed may have lived up to 50 lifetimes on earth.  They usually retain some of their extra-terrestial qualities such as telepathy, channeling, and healing abilities.  They work in healing fields and are of great service to assisting in the spiritual evolution of the human race. 
     Starseeds that are considered old souls, have had hundreds of lifetimes as far back as the beginning of life on the planet.  These souls are considered the guardians.  They hold the wisdom and spiritual truths of the ancient ones.  
     New starseeds have had very few incarnations, some it is their first.  Their energy fields are different in that they are more sensitive and have a hard time adapting to life on earth.  These souls are very creative and the traditional type schools do not work for them. Their role is to participate in the process of ascension. 
     All starseeds have the same ultimate goal or purpose. That is to assist humanity and to protect the Earth. They will have special gifts to share in areas of healing and spiritual growth and education. Starseeds have a hard time fitting in. They don't belong to any group, culture, or religion.  
     Qualities that all starseeds possess is the ability to speed through spiritual evolution and growth and to recognize where they have come from.  They are highly artistic and spiritually awake.  They will have many dreams or memories of being on other planets, in space or UFO encounters.  They are usually gifted psychics, mediums and channels.  Most of them remain humble and quiet in their efforts to do their work without opposition.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Affirmations to live by

Heal the wounds of the heart without acting them out on others.
Forgiveness is my salvation.
I freely accept my life lessons.
I trust the Universe to keep me safe.
I live in honesty with myself.
I am the fruit of my thoughts.
I determine the outcome of my life experiences.
I allow love to guide me.

Feel free to add to the list.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life purpose

The question I get asked the most is, what is my life purpose?  To simplify a complex subject, your life purpose is what you are doing right now in the moment.  You are here to learn lessons that nurture spiritual awakening and can help guide others in the same way.  With each experience there is a lesson to learn.  The quicker you recognize, learn and heal the lesson, the quicker you move on to the next one.

Your life purpose is not defined by the type of work you do.  It is the emotional connection you develop with your soul.  It is the passion that moves you.  You may have more than one life purpose.  It changes as you heal the patterns of the past.  Once one segment of healing, or purpose is complete, a new one take its place.  There may be an underlying theme such as compassion, love, understanding that is carried throughout every segment which is the core lesson or purpose and is played out in different scenarios.