Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Other Side

I am often asked what I see when I communicate with spirits on the other side.  Most of the time during a session the spirits appear as shapes.  I will see groups of them standing together as if waiting for a turn to speak.

I will not see their faces but I can tell whether they are male or female from their shape and their energy.  Eventually one of them will step out of the group to be the spokesperson for the rest if they are all related.  The one that steps out will be more defined.  I will often be able to describe their face and clothes. Other times I know who they are because of the way they project their energy to me.

When a soul first crosses over they go to an isolated room that is like a classroom.  During this stay in the classroom they are not allowed visitors.  Their family members and other ancestors wait for them to be released from the classroom.  Depending on how quickly the make the adjustment determines how soon they can join their soul family.

The classroom is designed to help the soul transition from having body to not having one.  This can be difficult for many, especially those who passed away unexpectedly.  There are usually one or more angels or guides that assist while the soul is in school.

There is a dimension between here and the other side which a soul must cross through before getting to the classroom.  In this dimension are lost souls, earthbound spirits and other entities that are attracted to this world.   When a soul has left behind unfinished business or do not want to let go of their earth life, they sometimes can get stuck in this dimension.

It is not a good place for a soul to be.  I have encountered many whom needed help getting out of there.  Once the soul makes it through this dimension and into  the classroom chances for success are almost guaranteed.  The normal duration of stay in the classroom can be as short as 3 days or as long as 3 months.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Starseed Souls

     Starseeds originate from other star systems and choose to incarnate in human form with the purpose of raising the vibrational frequency of earth and humanity.  A starseed will experience an awakening at sometime in their human life. 
     The typical starseed may have lived up to 50 lifetimes on earth.  They usually retain some of their extra-terrestial qualities such as telepathy, channeling, and healing abilities.  They work in healing fields and are of great service to assisting in the spiritual evolution of the human race. 
     Starseeds that are considered old souls, have had hundreds of lifetimes as far back as the beginning of life on the planet.  These souls are considered the guardians.  They hold the wisdom and spiritual truths of the ancient ones.  
     New starseeds have had very few incarnations, some it is their first.  Their energy fields are different in that they are more sensitive and have a hard time adapting to life on earth.  These souls are very creative and the traditional type schools do not work for them. Their role is to participate in the process of ascension. 
     All starseeds have the same ultimate goal or purpose. That is to assist humanity and to protect the Earth. They will have special gifts to share in areas of healing and spiritual growth and education. Starseeds have a hard time fitting in. They don't belong to any group, culture, or religion.  
     Qualities that all starseeds possess is the ability to speed through spiritual evolution and growth and to recognize where they have come from.  They are highly artistic and spiritually awake.  They will have many dreams or memories of being on other planets, in space or UFO encounters.  They are usually gifted psychics, mediums and channels.  Most of them remain humble and quiet in their efforts to do their work without opposition.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Affirmations to live by

Heal the wounds of the heart without acting them out on others.
Forgiveness is my salvation.
I freely accept my life lessons.
I trust the Universe to keep me safe.
I live in honesty with myself.
I am the fruit of my thoughts.
I determine the outcome of my life experiences.
I allow love to guide me.

Feel free to add to the list.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life purpose

The question I get asked the most is, what is my life purpose?  To simplify a complex subject, your life purpose is what you are doing right now in the moment.  You are here to learn lessons that nurture spiritual awakening and can help guide others in the same way.  With each experience there is a lesson to learn.  The quicker you recognize, learn and heal the lesson, the quicker you move on to the next one.

Your life purpose is not defined by the type of work you do.  It is the emotional connection you develop with your soul.  It is the passion that moves you.  You may have more than one life purpose.  It changes as you heal the patterns of the past.  Once one segment of healing, or purpose is complete, a new one take its place.  There may be an underlying theme such as compassion, love, understanding that is carried throughout every segment which is the core lesson or purpose and is played out in different scenarios.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guidelines for Happiness

Happiness is something you can choose in advance. When you wake up you can choose to be happy or invite misery. Whether or not you like something does not depend on how nice it is, rather on how you see it. You can choose to spend your day dwelling on life's difficulties or you can give thanks to all you have in life.

Everyday is a gift and as long as you can see it, focus on the new day and all the happy moments in the now. Treat life as a bank account. You want to deposit happiness so later on in age you can make a withdrawal.

Guidelines for happiness:
1. Forgive
2. Open your mind
3. Live simple
4. Give More
5. Expect less
6. Love great
7. Follow your heart
8. Believe

Monday, January 31, 2011

Find Peace

Peace is not elusive.  It is right here in the now.  As you read this, you are in the present moment and this process of reading focuses your mind on the written words.  This brings you to a state of peace and opens a doorway into the consciousness.

You create your drama in life.  It is not an external thing that attacks you.  It is created by the way you react or respond to a situation.   If you respond in a peaceful loving way, the outcome will be calmer.  If you walk around angry at the world, and everyone you interact with, even though you don't speak any harsh words, the energy is exchanged and that person walks away feeling as if they were attacked.  They were energetically.  

Be consciously aware of what you project onto others.  It can come back at you threefold. The more you pay attention to it, you will begin to notice how the drama is self created.  Sometimes drama is created in a subconscious way to draw attention.  Some people like to play victim and gain sympathy.  Eventually, if you cry wolf too often no one hears it. Stay centered in the present moment and you will be able to function peacefully.

You are What You Eat

You may have heard this before but what does it really mean?  It is the frequency in the foods that you eat that nourish the mind and help the body to thrive.  If you eat foods that are highly processed and overcooked, they become void of the necessary nutrients and energy to nourish the body and mind.

Preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and sugar is added to just about everything.  These turn into a chemical cocktail in your digestive system creating toxins and free radicals.  These float around in your blood and accumulate somewhere in the tissues.  When enough of the toxins build up, you get sick or start to experience aches and pains, arthritis and other problems.  The mind can no longer focus, there is a short attention span, and it becomes harder to get anything done.

Detoxing the body with herbal remedies and fresh whole foods will change the way you feel in a dramatic way.  Learn to read labels and don't buy anything that has a long list of ingredients with words you can't pronounce in it.  It is not food.  If you don't know what an ingredient is, most likely it is not something you want to eat.  

To accelerate your spiritual healing it is beneficial to keep your mind and body free of toxins and full of the good wholesome nutrients.  These provide the cells with the energy necessary to regenerate. When the cells are not polluted, the mind can think clearly and you can awaken to many different levels of consciousness.

True Healing

As channeled: 

It is not enough that we bring you the power which will lift you up and give peace of mind, strength of body. You on your part must strive to realize your true life. You believe in an invisible life, an invisible power which will heal you of aches and pains, inharmonies, confusion, but this power needs to have a point of entry.
You have to prepare your body, your mind, your soul for the inflow of this divine healing.

There are many who seek healing without recognizing this fundamental truth; that they are spirit; that they have as much to do with their own healing as any healer who tries to help them. It is not in accord with divine law for the body to be healed completely without the soul's cooperation. Before the body can be wholly restored you must play your part; the soul must learn the lesson sickness was designed to teach. Pray therefore that you may understand the cause and purpose of your sickness or unhappiness; and remember that whatever your karma, it is good. It is an opportunity given to you by divine law to grow in spirit.

Bodily sickness is the result of inharmony in the soul; thus, to restore bodily health we must work through the soul, or there will only be a patching up, a temporary relief.

Remember what we have told you of the cause of disease and the source of all healing; remember also that your habitual thoughts either create or destroy. Lack of harmony in your thoughts or in your life brings disease; harmony brings health. Therefore let go of all resentment, fear and criticism. Hold only the positive thought of all-good, GOD, and light will flow into you.

Past Life

Past lives create imprints into our present. If there was trauma in the past life that energy pattern is imprinted into the cellular memory of the present and in many instances can set a pattern of behavior that affects relationships and advancement of the soul. Without awareness of those lifetimes you cannot understand the extent of what is being healed through your present experiences. It becomes impossible to bring that segment of healing to an end.

The awareness or acknowledgement of the past life acts as a catalyst to trigger movement of the cellular energy therefore initiating healing. Your intention to heal the emotional pattern is the force that promotes the release of the energy. Love and forgiveness are the final stages of healing the past and present.

We all have lived before. It is the accomplishments of the past that allows us to achieve our successes today. Children who are talented at an early age such as a pianist came into the world with that memory of achievement from the past and picked up where they left off. They just changed their embodiment.

There has been cases of young children giving details of the past life they had previous to the one they are living, including their name, family members and how they passed away. When researched, family members were contacted and the child is able to reveal private information to the family member about their life, yet they are a stranger to them in the present life. There have been documented cases of World War II pilots being reborn and remembering where they came from.

Sometimes you may get a vision that has emotional energy attached to it that may make you sad or happy, yet that vision is not an experience you have had in this lifetime, it is a memory or flashback of the past life. Learning about your past can be a great tool to accelerating your spiritual healing in the present.

Parallel lives

Have you ever met someone and instantly feel a strong connection to them?  The more you talk to them the more you find out how much of their life has mirrored yours.  This is because of the frequency in which they were born into this world parallels yours. That frequency resonates in the same way as your frequency giving you both commonalities and shared life experiences.  You may even notice similar physical features or even the same aches and pains.   It does not always mean you are soulmates or should be together.   This soul recognition can be an old friend who is among your soul family.  They may cross your path for a short time, just to check in and then continue on their path, or they may stick around and are there in times of need.  

The same vibrating frequency allows an aspect of your soul to live through each other. Many life lessons are shared but the expression of those experiences are different because the personality responds differently to each circumstance. You can learn from their mistakes.  They speak the same soul language.  You may not see each other for years but upon meeting it is as if no time has passed. They may not always be on the same spiritual path as you. It is easy to relate to them because of the shared frequency that vibrates internally.   

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angry Spirit

This event took place in 2004. My mother who is a gifted psychic and I were searching for evidence of an unsolved murder that took place in 1989.  We followed several clues and information that we received and ended up at site where the alleged argument and murder took place.  It was in a wooded area off the highway.

As we approached the area, I hit an energetic wall that would not let me walk any further.  I told my mother to be cautious, there was something here trying to keep us away.   She decided she was not going to be intimidated by this presence and charged forward punching a hole in this wall.  I followed her.  As we got closer to the area in question, we both stood in silence for a moment.  There was a small mound of dirt in front of us.  My mother stepped onto the mound and I stood behind her.  Both of us sensing a very upset energy.

Then it happens.  I see my mother who was still standing on the mound in front of me, start to lean backward as if someone pushed her.  She floated straight back towards me in a very odd way.  This was not a fall. She was actually suspended in air.  I reached out to help her and I could not touch her body.  It was in a force field of light and her guardian angel was carrying her.  She was gently placed on the ground flat on her back.  She went into a deep trance and her eyelids began to flicker.  She started talking and yelling at someone.  I could not make out what she was saying.  In an instant, she opened her eyes, stood to her feet and said, we have to dig here right now.

I asked her what happened and she said a man pushed her.  Now remember this is a man in spirit.  She said he was a large man and he did not want us here.  He is very upset and he tried to push her out of the way.  To break her fall, her guardian stepped in and took care of the rest.  Now this angry spirit did not quit at that.

As we started to dig, all of a sudden this man (in flesh) walks up to us and instructs us to leave.  It was very odd and it was as if he was in a trance.  He did not see us digging and informed us we could not be there.  This was public area.  To not make waves, we left.

The spirit who pushed my mother was not going to let us finish this search.  It didn't work when he pushed my mother so he then took charge of some man who must have been in the area to scare us into leaving.  We were very close to uncovering evidence but were unable to complete this discovery process due the interference from the spirit world.  We chose to keep it safe and end the search.


Everyone has an aura.  It is an energy field that surrounds the body and has different light frequencies within it.  This energy field is invisible to the human eye but can be seen by psychic's and specialized cameras such as Kirilian. The colors of the aura are determined by the amount of spiritual evolution the individual has been working on.  It can change according the amount of trauma, pain, stress and emotional issues we may experience.  It may show trauma that was carried forth from a past life.  This can show up as a dark spot somewhere within the many colors.

The colors represent different states of being or emotional and personal attributes.  A simplified interpretation of the colors is as follows:
  • Blue              Calming, harmony, peace, empathy, divine will, artistic, highly spiritual
  • Violet            Mystical, magical, psychic, unconventional, intuitive, visionary
  • Lavender       Psychic, meditative, graceful, imaginative, creative
  • Indigo            Astute, creative, truth seeker, intuitive, sensitive, logical
  • White             Transcendent, spiritually evolved, purity, angelic, cosmically aligned
  • Yellow           Intelligence, creative, optimistic, sunny, happy
  • Orange          Creative, self confident, vitality, good health, stamina, social
  • Gold              Spiritual energy, inspiration, prosperity
  • Red(murky)   Pain, emotional hurt, depressed, trauma
  • Red(bright)    Passion, intense, powerful, sexual
  • Red(dark)     Repressed anger, resentment, rage, revenge
  • Pink              Unconditional love, compassion, sensitive, affectionate, divine love
  • Green            Healing, growth, balance, teacher, healer
The depth and hue of the color is determined by the emotional or spiritual response to different life experiences.  Ideally, the colors should be bright and clear.  The murky or dull colors represent emotional issues that have not been resolved or physical conditions that need attention.  

Each color also represents parts of the physical body.  Red corresponds to the heart and circulation, Orange to the reproductive system and stamina, Yellow refers to the spleen and life force, Green correlates to the heart and lungs, Blue; throat, Indigo; third eye, pituitary, visual, Violet to the crown, nervous system and pineal gland. 

My aura 

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thoughts are Things

We must remember that we are here on a spiritual journey, living in a human body and every experience that we have is self created so that we can learn and continue to grow according to our soul's plan.  We are spirit living a  human existence and with that comes the responsibility of caring and feeding our physical body so it can continue to serve our higher purpose.  The more fresh and natural the foods are that you nourish your body with the easier it is to elevate your body's frequency to that of the higher self.

Not only are we what we eat, but what we think.  Our thoughts are powerful and they are what create the world in which we live.  Some of us like drama in our lives and will continue to create experiences that reinforce this thought form.  When you change the thoughts, you change your impression in the world.  Loving, positive thoughts create a life that is filled with love and success.  Harboring anger and negative thoughts are self destructive and eventually manifest a life of doom and gloom.  Forgiveness will set you free.

You make your choice.  Everyday you wake up, you can decide to be happy or be agitated.  You chose to be late to work and make excuses for your tardiness or you can make positive changes in your daily routine that contribute to your happiness.  Think happy thoughts!  And it shall be!

Sounds simple enough but yet we continue to burden ourself with more than is necessary.  Stay in the present moment, empty the mind and allow your higher self to lead the way.  Think about what you are doing and make a conscious effort to be honest to yourself.  Your thoughts can either destroy you or create you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides.  At different times in our lives they may make their presence known to us.  They work very hard to keep us on our path and out of harms way.   Our guides can be ancestors, angels, wise-men  and ascended masters chosen to work with us.  Your spiritual teacher can be someone who was with you in a past life in the same capacity.  For example, perhaps you had a lifetime that took place in Tibet where you spent time in a monastery.  You were under the tutulage of an enlightened monk.  That monk may become your spirit guide in the present life.  

Getting to know your guides is not that hard.  They are the inner voice you hear guiding you.  They are the calming hand placed on your shoulder during times of stress.  The best way to make the connection to them is by writing.   First start by asking for only those entities that are of the light to come through.  Then as you write, ask them questions, don't filter what you hear, just write it and allow the information to flow.  You will be quite surprised at what you may learn.   If you don't hear anything the first time you try this, don't give up.  The frequencies have be aligned in order for you to receive them.  If you try too hard, you block the transmission.  Let it go and try again another time.  You may get an answer when you least expect it.