Monday, January 31, 2011

Past Life

Past lives create imprints into our present. If there was trauma in the past life that energy pattern is imprinted into the cellular memory of the present and in many instances can set a pattern of behavior that affects relationships and advancement of the soul. Without awareness of those lifetimes you cannot understand the extent of what is being healed through your present experiences. It becomes impossible to bring that segment of healing to an end.

The awareness or acknowledgement of the past life acts as a catalyst to trigger movement of the cellular energy therefore initiating healing. Your intention to heal the emotional pattern is the force that promotes the release of the energy. Love and forgiveness are the final stages of healing the past and present.

We all have lived before. It is the accomplishments of the past that allows us to achieve our successes today. Children who are talented at an early age such as a pianist came into the world with that memory of achievement from the past and picked up where they left off. They just changed their embodiment.

There has been cases of young children giving details of the past life they had previous to the one they are living, including their name, family members and how they passed away. When researched, family members were contacted and the child is able to reveal private information to the family member about their life, yet they are a stranger to them in the present life. There have been documented cases of World War II pilots being reborn and remembering where they came from.

Sometimes you may get a vision that has emotional energy attached to it that may make you sad or happy, yet that vision is not an experience you have had in this lifetime, it is a memory or flashback of the past life. Learning about your past can be a great tool to accelerating your spiritual healing in the present.

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