Monday, January 31, 2011

True Healing

As channeled: 

It is not enough that we bring you the power which will lift you up and give peace of mind, strength of body. You on your part must strive to realize your true life. You believe in an invisible life, an invisible power which will heal you of aches and pains, inharmonies, confusion, but this power needs to have a point of entry.
You have to prepare your body, your mind, your soul for the inflow of this divine healing.

There are many who seek healing without recognizing this fundamental truth; that they are spirit; that they have as much to do with their own healing as any healer who tries to help them. It is not in accord with divine law for the body to be healed completely without the soul's cooperation. Before the body can be wholly restored you must play your part; the soul must learn the lesson sickness was designed to teach. Pray therefore that you may understand the cause and purpose of your sickness or unhappiness; and remember that whatever your karma, it is good. It is an opportunity given to you by divine law to grow in spirit.

Bodily sickness is the result of inharmony in the soul; thus, to restore bodily health we must work through the soul, or there will only be a patching up, a temporary relief.

Remember what we have told you of the cause of disease and the source of all healing; remember also that your habitual thoughts either create or destroy. Lack of harmony in your thoughts or in your life brings disease; harmony brings health. Therefore let go of all resentment, fear and criticism. Hold only the positive thought of all-good, GOD, and light will flow into you.

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