Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides.  At different times in our lives they may make their presence known to us.  They work very hard to keep us on our path and out of harms way.   Our guides can be ancestors, angels, wise-men  and ascended masters chosen to work with us.  Your spiritual teacher can be someone who was with you in a past life in the same capacity.  For example, perhaps you had a lifetime that took place in Tibet where you spent time in a monastery.  You were under the tutulage of an enlightened monk.  That monk may become your spirit guide in the present life.  

Getting to know your guides is not that hard.  They are the inner voice you hear guiding you.  They are the calming hand placed on your shoulder during times of stress.  The best way to make the connection to them is by writing.   First start by asking for only those entities that are of the light to come through.  Then as you write, ask them questions, don't filter what you hear, just write it and allow the information to flow.  You will be quite surprised at what you may learn.   If you don't hear anything the first time you try this, don't give up.  The frequencies have be aligned in order for you to receive them.  If you try too hard, you block the transmission.  Let it go and try again another time.  You may get an answer when you least expect it.  

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