Friday, December 31, 2010

The Process of a Spiritual Reading

Whether I do a session in person or by phone the process of accessing the information is the same.  Each person has their unique soul frequency. It is like a radio station.  You can't see the radio frequencies but there are plenty of them floating around. When you turn the dial on your radio to a station it tunes into that frequency and the station is loud and clear.   This is a similar process that I do in order to do a reading.  I search for that unique frequency and once I have it, I receive a wealth of information that is relayed to the person I am doing the session for. 

This information comes in the form of energy and sometimes words.  It contains emotions that are not processed and I will feel these emotions as I relay the information.   I have to translate what I receive into something that is easily understood.  That is the hardest job of the reader and is also why different readers may see similar things but translate it a bit differently to the individual.  

I work with my spirit guides that also help me during the session.  They will keep me safe from walk-ins (those entities that want to jump into body) and also help me to find the information I am seeking.  During the session the ancestors of the one who is getting the reading are there in attendance.  They sometimes will chime in with messages and other times just observe.  They don't have to be ancestors that you have known in this lifetime, many times they go way back in the family tree.  Messages from loved ones on the other side can be received and sent.  

Spiritual readings can be quite emotional as they work at the soul level to help you along this spiritual journey and understand things from a higher perspective so that life challenges become lessons to be learnt and experienced.   By doing this, there is less drama to be lived and your life is filled with abundance and peace.  

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