Monday, December 20, 2010

Holistic Healing

Healing of the body, mind and spirit takes place in stages. The first stage is on the emotional or energetic level. Emotional thoughts, patterns of thinking and doing, hurts, anger, resentment, grieving and fears are examples of the energetic patterns that influence our health and well being. These patterns are stored in the chakra centers.

The heart center is one area where these energies are deposited. Someone who walks with a caved in chest indicates a heart center that is hurting. This person is protecting themself from being hurt again. This protection is self defeating as it prevents love from healing the energetics of the incident. If not recognized the condition becomes comfortable for the individual and scar tissue is created. Once the scar tissue is formed, the fascia or soft tissue become impaired and loose their flexibility. Eventually this spreads throughout the body creating stiffness and discomforts.

Past Lives and karmic energies can also be deposited in the different chakra centers of the body. These are usually issues that have not been healed or forgiven. For example: If a person was stabbed in a past life the energetic patterning from this wound may remain within the physical body even though it is from a past life. The energy can create pain and discomfort of an unknown origin in the physical body due to this cellular memory. When the energy is lifted or forgiven, the body begins its own healing cycle and in most cases the discomfort is alleviated provided it has not progressed to the next stage of inflammation.

The way we view ourself is reflected in our physical body. This is seen by our postures and our reactions or responses to different stimuli. If we do not like something about our appearance then that body part will respond according to the thought projected onto it. The more we learn to love and accept ourself, the greater the healing that takes place. Through this process, we reconnect to the healing powers of divine origin.

Once the energetic cause is recognized the healing begins simultaneously. Replace the negative thought or pattern with one of postitive affirmations and love. Acknowledge the negative thought, bless it and release. It served its purpose. Now it is time to heal. Forgiveness is crucial in the healing process. No matter what it is, without forgiveness there is no healing.

With the release, the body begins the physical healing. Aches and pains slowly dissolve and a sense of well being is the result. It is important to nourish the body with the proper foods and supplements during this process. Dietary and lifestyle changes are extremely important to prevent further scar tissues. If the old patterns are allowed to continue the healing is only temporary.

Think of the physical body as a fine tuned instrument. The more you care for it and tune it the better it works for you. The mind becomes clear and the spirit aligns with divine purpose.

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