Friday, December 31, 2010

The Process of a Spiritual Reading

Whether I do a session in person or by phone the process of accessing the information is the same.  Each person has their unique soul frequency. It is like a radio station.  You can't see the radio frequencies but there are plenty of them floating around. When you turn the dial on your radio to a station it tunes into that frequency and the station is loud and clear.   This is a similar process that I do in order to do a reading.  I search for that unique frequency and once I have it, I receive a wealth of information that is relayed to the person I am doing the session for. 

This information comes in the form of energy and sometimes words.  It contains emotions that are not processed and I will feel these emotions as I relay the information.   I have to translate what I receive into something that is easily understood.  That is the hardest job of the reader and is also why different readers may see similar things but translate it a bit differently to the individual.  

I work with my spirit guides that also help me during the session.  They will keep me safe from walk-ins (those entities that want to jump into body) and also help me to find the information I am seeking.  During the session the ancestors of the one who is getting the reading are there in attendance.  They sometimes will chime in with messages and other times just observe.  They don't have to be ancestors that you have known in this lifetime, many times they go way back in the family tree.  Messages from loved ones on the other side can be received and sent.  

Spiritual readings can be quite emotional as they work at the soul level to help you along this spiritual journey and understand things from a higher perspective so that life challenges become lessons to be learnt and experienced.   By doing this, there is less drama to be lived and your life is filled with abundance and peace.  

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Ancestors among Us

I'd like to share this story about my great uncle Venanzio.  I never met him.  He was from Italy.  His brother, my grandfather, came to the United States together through Ellis Island, NY.

In 1985, when my first son was born, I made a trip to New York to see family members.   I was traveling with my mother and father.  My father wanted to visit the gravesite of his father, my grandfather.   We found the grave site and while standing there, he said he wanted to find his uncle Venanzio's grave site.  I had never heard of an uncle named Venanzio and had no idea that he even once existed. We walk around the cemetery in search of his tombstone.   We find it and the tombstone was very weatherbeaten and worn thin.  There was no engraving, someone hand-painted his name, a cross and the date of death. The stone appeared flat and smooth.  You could not see the date of birth at all.

I had my camera with me.  It was a Nikon FE film camera.   I photographed the tombstone.  My mother, who was with us went back to the car to get her camera.  My father left and I stood alone at the grave site.  In that instant the sky turned a pink color and everything was glowing.  I felt a sense of peace come over me as I stood in front of the tombstone.  There was complete silence and it felt as if time was suspended.  The pink glow got brighter.  I looked down at the tombstone, it was as if I was looking at a new tombstone that was freshly engraved with his name and dates. There was texture and depth to the stone.  His name was deeply engraved along with the cross and both his birth date and date of death were visible.  I stood stunned for a moment and then photographed what I saw.

 Here are the two photographs, taken within about 5 minutes of each other with the same camera, same settings, same roll of film, nothing changed.   See for yourself.  It's magical

      First photograph                                                         Second photograph

After I took these, I stood for a moment and kept my eye on the tombstone.  The pink glow then faded and the tombstone went back to looking like the first photograph.   I walked back to the car and didn't say anything to my parents other than to ask my mother why she didn't come back to take a picture.  She said she heard a voice tell her to stay in the car.  He didn't want her there.  I then proceeded to tell her what happened.

Now the search began. I needed to know more about my great uncle.  I started contacting any relative that may have known anything . Most of them were deceased but I was able to find out some information.  After researching for several years I finally found out the truth about my great uncle.  He was shot and killed by his brother in law in a dispute over a lady friend.   My uncle Venanzio wanted to be remembered.

It explains why months before this incident I was receiving messages from someone calling themself Venanzio.  I was unable to understand what he was trying to tell me.  He guided my father to find his grave site and then came to me directly by showing me his tombstone and wanting me to tell his story which I have done.   I have placed his name on the wall at Ellis Island in remembrance of his life.  He was touched by this.

Our ancestors of long ago, whether we have known them personally does not matter.  They live on with us and will work to protect and guide us while we are on this earthwalk.   Here is the proof for those who are skeptical.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The day I was Shot

I want to share with you a part of my journey in hopes it will provide courage and strength to continue on your spiritual path of healing.

On July 13, 1997 I was shot by a 45 caliber rifle.  The bullet entered my left side fracturing 2 ribs upon entry. The flight path was diagonal and spinning as the bullet was a richochet.   As the bullet continued along it's path of destruction, it missed my heart by one inch, punctured both lungs, stomach, diaphragm and lodged in my liver on the right side.

Sounds bad, right?  Well it was.  I was not expected to live but I did and am here to tell about it.  I was flown to Phoenix by helicopter after undergoing one surgery in Prescott to remove the bullet and stop the internal bleeding.  As they were loading me onto the helicopter, I over heard the medic saying I was not going to make it because the flight is not easy.  In order to keep me going during the flight they had to hand pump air into my lungs so I could breath.  In Phoenix I underwent another surgery to remove the packing and repair the damage.  A section of my liver was removed.  I had every form of life support attached to me.   The most excruciating part was when they removed the lung tubes and liver tubes.  I was sent home with a tube coming out of my liver to drain the fluids.

So now you are probably wondering how this happened?   It was about 8:00 am on a Sunday morning and I had gone for an early morning ride on my horse.  I had two dogs that always went with me.  They were great scouts along the trail.  As I was coming up my driveway, my dogs took a detour chasing a rabbit.  Instead of coming up the driveway with me, they cut across my arena onto the neighbor's property and were circling back up to my barn.  I dismounted and called to them.  They were running up the hill home.  As I was standing there calling them loudly, I witnessed my neighbor come out with a rifle, load it and then take aim at my dogs.  He fired one shot, panning as the dogs ran up to my barn, he fired a second shot.  I was hit.

Now let me tell you, it does not happen like in the movies.  It feels like you were just hit with about 50,000 pounds of air pressure that shot a hole internally through you.  It happens so fast it takes a few seconds for your mind to figure out what just happened to you.   When the bullet hit,  I was stunned for a few moments, thinking to myself, what was that and holding my side.  When I realized what had happened, I quickly thought that the bullet exited and had hit my horse.  I looked at my horse and he was fine.  I then put my hand on my heart and it was beating so rapidly I thought it was going to pound out my chest.  I told myself, stay calm, your heart is beating you have a chance to survive this.  I remember feeling as if someone placed their hand on my shoulder and a strong sense of calmness came over me.  Now I know it was an angel.

I quickly thought how am I going to get help.  My house was about 100 yards uphill from my barn.  The area I lived in was farm properties so they were all large acreage.  The homes were not close together.  I looked to the man who shot me and tried to flag him for help.  He turned and walked into his house.  He claims he did not know what happened.  My only hope was to try to get myself up to my house.  I didn't have a cell phone at that time.  I walked about 30 feet to the end of the fence line and realized I could not make it.

Although maybe only 5 minutes had passed, it seemed like an eternity.  At this point, my breathing had become very shallow and quick. Since my lungs were punctured, I could not yell for help. I barely could get a whisper out.   My only hope for survival was to pray.  I stood holding onto the fence and prayed for helped.  Within seconds, my youngest son who was 9 years old at the time came running.  Behind him trailed my husband.  I stood holding my side.  My husband asked me what happened.  He thought I was kicked by the horse.  I looked up at him and said "I have been shot, call 911".  I will never forget the look on his face.

He ran to the house to call for help.  My son Joseph stayed to help me.  I could no longer stand up, so I lowered myself to the ground . I asked Joseph to get me something for head as I was laying on gravel.  He ran and grabbed some leg wraps I use for the horses.  I thought this was very clever for a 9 year old.  He stood by my side while we waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Here is the miracle of why I am alive.  My prayer was answered. How it was answered is so fascinating.  My parents who happened to be visiting me from Maryland were staying in a hotel in town.  My mother who is extremely psychic said she heard a voice tell her "Call Pam Right NOW".   She called the house.  It was her phone call that woke up my husband and son.  When he hung up the phone he said he heard a 'death curdling scream'.  Now remember it was impossible for me to scream.  Spirit took my prayer and gave it voice, something that would move my husband so fast he didn't have to think twice.

While I was waiting for the ambulance I was slipping away.  I waited at the threshold to the other side.  I was asked then to make a decision.  If I crossed that threshold I was not coming back.  It was very easy to cross this threshold. It was a place of peace and serenity.  It was pure bliss and divine love.  As I started to cross over, I heard my son's voice. I opened my eyes and it was then I made the decision that my two sons would not grow up without their mother.  My oldest son, 12, had spent the night at a friends house.  For some reason Spirit sheltered him from witnessing this incident.

This experience for my youngest son Joseph gave him determination and drive to become a paramedic.  He is now an EMT for the City and County of Honolulu and will be going for his paramedic training next year.

This incident was traumatizing not only to myself, but to every member of my family and relatives.  My husband lost his job because he had to stay home to care for me. Our life as we knew it was shattered in a split second.

It has taken over 10 years for me to heal physically from this and be able to live an active life.  It has not been easy.  All of my healing was done holistically and still is.  During the healing I was visited by many spirit guides who assisted me with the process.  This type of trauma shatters the energetic systems.  The rebuilding is long and slow.

What happened to guy who shot me? Nothing!!  He was never arrested.  Never charged.   The legal process was disheartening.  The district attorney would not prosecute.  The state attorney would not prosecute.   The victims assistance program was unable to help due to the district attorney's refusal.  All the doors shut.

To this day, the man that shot me, has never apologized.  He never came to the hospital to see if I would survive. No sympathy card.  In fact, he claimed it was my fault that I got shot.  So how is that??  Did I step in front of his bullet?  I was standing on my own property minding my own business.

So there you have it.  I have told this part of my journey.  There is much more but the most important parts are written.  As for me, I have forgiven and moved on from this.  My horses were a big part of my healing and still are today.  I am active and healthy and to most people who know me or see me on a regular basis, they do not know what I have been through. I rarely share this story.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Natural Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

What are the differences?

Natural medicine, also referred to as 'alternative medicine' is a system that approaches healing different than conventional medicine. For one, conventional medicine considers you healthy as long as you are not sick and your tests are in the "normal" range, despite the fact that you are having obvious symptoms of discomfort and pain. Natural medicine considers you to be healthy when your body, mind, and spirit are harmonious, in balance and free of symptoms. When these are in balance, there is a strong sense of well being.

Conventional medicine treats everyone who has the same disorder or symptom with the same pharmeceutical medication, while natural medicine offers personalized supplements and other natural treatments based according to nutritional needs of the body. It treats all the systems of the body, mind and spirit as a whole and never treats just one part as independent from the whole as does conventional medicine.

Natural methods heal the body over a period of time and require patience and particpation. The therapies are mosts effective in conjunction with other natural remedies such as dietary changes, vitamin and mineral supplementation, detoxing treatments, herbal supplements, acupuncture and other forms of holisitic healing. Conventional medicine does not consider the bodies energy systems to be valid and treatable. Treatment is restricted to the physical body only.

Conventional medicine has excellent diagnostic and emergency medical procedures which can save lives. Natural medicine requires time, discipline and 100% participation from the patient on all levels. The person has to have the will to want to get better and be willing to make the necessary changes to promote wellness in the body, mind and spirit.

In today's modern society, everyone wants the quick fix, fast food, fast service and pop the pill to make the symptoms disappear. Conventional medicine accommodates this by providing relief from discomfort and by allowing some comfort in long term illness. Therefore it is a medicine of convenience. A good choice for those who do not want to particpate in the healing process.

Unless the patient is willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes the healing is stifled and the body continues to decline with age. Natural medicine nurtures an active healthy lifestyle with a positive approach to the many stresses of modern living.

Holistic Healing

Healing of the body, mind and spirit takes place in stages. The first stage is on the emotional or energetic level. Emotional thoughts, patterns of thinking and doing, hurts, anger, resentment, grieving and fears are examples of the energetic patterns that influence our health and well being. These patterns are stored in the chakra centers.

The heart center is one area where these energies are deposited. Someone who walks with a caved in chest indicates a heart center that is hurting. This person is protecting themself from being hurt again. This protection is self defeating as it prevents love from healing the energetics of the incident. If not recognized the condition becomes comfortable for the individual and scar tissue is created. Once the scar tissue is formed, the fascia or soft tissue become impaired and loose their flexibility. Eventually this spreads throughout the body creating stiffness and discomforts.

Past Lives and karmic energies can also be deposited in the different chakra centers of the body. These are usually issues that have not been healed or forgiven. For example: If a person was stabbed in a past life the energetic patterning from this wound may remain within the physical body even though it is from a past life. The energy can create pain and discomfort of an unknown origin in the physical body due to this cellular memory. When the energy is lifted or forgiven, the body begins its own healing cycle and in most cases the discomfort is alleviated provided it has not progressed to the next stage of inflammation.

The way we view ourself is reflected in our physical body. This is seen by our postures and our reactions or responses to different stimuli. If we do not like something about our appearance then that body part will respond according to the thought projected onto it. The more we learn to love and accept ourself, the greater the healing that takes place. Through this process, we reconnect to the healing powers of divine origin.

Once the energetic cause is recognized the healing begins simultaneously. Replace the negative thought or pattern with one of postitive affirmations and love. Acknowledge the negative thought, bless it and release. It served its purpose. Now it is time to heal. Forgiveness is crucial in the healing process. No matter what it is, without forgiveness there is no healing.

With the release, the body begins the physical healing. Aches and pains slowly dissolve and a sense of well being is the result. It is important to nourish the body with the proper foods and supplements during this process. Dietary and lifestyle changes are extremely important to prevent further scar tissues. If the old patterns are allowed to continue the healing is only temporary.

Think of the physical body as a fine tuned instrument. The more you care for it and tune it the better it works for you. The mind becomes clear and the spirit aligns with divine purpose.