Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Everyone has an aura.  It is an energy field that surrounds the body and has different light frequencies within it.  This energy field is invisible to the human eye but can be seen by psychic's and specialized cameras such as Kirilian. The colors of the aura are determined by the amount of spiritual evolution the individual has been working on.  It can change according the amount of trauma, pain, stress and emotional issues we may experience.  It may show trauma that was carried forth from a past life.  This can show up as a dark spot somewhere within the many colors.

The colors represent different states of being or emotional and personal attributes.  A simplified interpretation of the colors is as follows:
  • Blue              Calming, harmony, peace, empathy, divine will, artistic, highly spiritual
  • Violet            Mystical, magical, psychic, unconventional, intuitive, visionary
  • Lavender       Psychic, meditative, graceful, imaginative, creative
  • Indigo            Astute, creative, truth seeker, intuitive, sensitive, logical
  • White             Transcendent, spiritually evolved, purity, angelic, cosmically aligned
  • Yellow           Intelligence, creative, optimistic, sunny, happy
  • Orange          Creative, self confident, vitality, good health, stamina, social
  • Gold              Spiritual energy, inspiration, prosperity
  • Red(murky)   Pain, emotional hurt, depressed, trauma
  • Red(bright)    Passion, intense, powerful, sexual
  • Red(dark)     Repressed anger, resentment, rage, revenge
  • Pink              Unconditional love, compassion, sensitive, affectionate, divine love
  • Green            Healing, growth, balance, teacher, healer
The depth and hue of the color is determined by the emotional or spiritual response to different life experiences.  Ideally, the colors should be bright and clear.  The murky or dull colors represent emotional issues that have not been resolved or physical conditions that need attention.  

Each color also represents parts of the physical body.  Red corresponds to the heart and circulation, Orange to the reproductive system and stamina, Yellow refers to the spleen and life force, Green correlates to the heart and lungs, Blue; throat, Indigo; third eye, pituitary, visual, Violet to the crown, nervous system and pineal gland. 

My aura 

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