Monday, January 31, 2011

Parallel lives

Have you ever met someone and instantly feel a strong connection to them?  The more you talk to them the more you find out how much of their life has mirrored yours.  This is because of the frequency in which they were born into this world parallels yours. That frequency resonates in the same way as your frequency giving you both commonalities and shared life experiences.  You may even notice similar physical features or even the same aches and pains.   It does not always mean you are soulmates or should be together.   This soul recognition can be an old friend who is among your soul family.  They may cross your path for a short time, just to check in and then continue on their path, or they may stick around and are there in times of need.  

The same vibrating frequency allows an aspect of your soul to live through each other. Many life lessons are shared but the expression of those experiences are different because the personality responds differently to each circumstance. You can learn from their mistakes.  They speak the same soul language.  You may not see each other for years but upon meeting it is as if no time has passed. They may not always be on the same spiritual path as you. It is easy to relate to them because of the shared frequency that vibrates internally.   

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