Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thoughts are Things

We must remember that we are here on a spiritual journey, living in a human body and every experience that we have is self created so that we can learn and continue to grow according to our soul's plan.  We are spirit living a  human existence and with that comes the responsibility of caring and feeding our physical body so it can continue to serve our higher purpose.  The more fresh and natural the foods are that you nourish your body with the easier it is to elevate your body's frequency to that of the higher self.

Not only are we what we eat, but what we think.  Our thoughts are powerful and they are what create the world in which we live.  Some of us like drama in our lives and will continue to create experiences that reinforce this thought form.  When you change the thoughts, you change your impression in the world.  Loving, positive thoughts create a life that is filled with love and success.  Harboring anger and negative thoughts are self destructive and eventually manifest a life of doom and gloom.  Forgiveness will set you free.

You make your choice.  Everyday you wake up, you can decide to be happy or be agitated.  You chose to be late to work and make excuses for your tardiness or you can make positive changes in your daily routine that contribute to your happiness.  Think happy thoughts!  And it shall be!

Sounds simple enough but yet we continue to burden ourself with more than is necessary.  Stay in the present moment, empty the mind and allow your higher self to lead the way.  Think about what you are doing and make a conscious effort to be honest to yourself.  Your thoughts can either destroy you or create you.

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