Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life purpose

The question I get asked the most is, what is my life purpose?  To simplify a complex subject, your life purpose is what you are doing right now in the moment.  You are here to learn lessons that nurture spiritual awakening and can help guide others in the same way.  With each experience there is a lesson to learn.  The quicker you recognize, learn and heal the lesson, the quicker you move on to the next one.

Your life purpose is not defined by the type of work you do.  It is the emotional connection you develop with your soul.  It is the passion that moves you.  You may have more than one life purpose.  It changes as you heal the patterns of the past.  Once one segment of healing, or purpose is complete, a new one take its place.  There may be an underlying theme such as compassion, love, understanding that is carried throughout every segment which is the core lesson or purpose and is played out in different scenarios.  


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