Monday, January 31, 2011

Find Peace

Peace is not elusive.  It is right here in the now.  As you read this, you are in the present moment and this process of reading focuses your mind on the written words.  This brings you to a state of peace and opens a doorway into the consciousness.

You create your drama in life.  It is not an external thing that attacks you.  It is created by the way you react or respond to a situation.   If you respond in a peaceful loving way, the outcome will be calmer.  If you walk around angry at the world, and everyone you interact with, even though you don't speak any harsh words, the energy is exchanged and that person walks away feeling as if they were attacked.  They were energetically.  

Be consciously aware of what you project onto others.  It can come back at you threefold. The more you pay attention to it, you will begin to notice how the drama is self created.  Sometimes drama is created in a subconscious way to draw attention.  Some people like to play victim and gain sympathy.  Eventually, if you cry wolf too often no one hears it. Stay centered in the present moment and you will be able to function peacefully.


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